Keepsakes Workshop with Damien Lovegrove

we learned a lot of great new stuff…


michaela and i went to the meridian hotel today.

we have had the chance to participate in a workshop about wedding- and portrait-photography in stuttgart organized by keepsakes and with damien lovegrove as guest-photographer. we also learned a lot new techniques in photoshop that will save us much time and nerves in the future…and keepsake albums/jorgensens albums are nice and the company’s service is as well so i guess we will try them out in the near future.

of course we could not resist in buying photography-books…specially when it’s about weddings.

you can download a .pdf of the day where you can see that we already tried out what we have learned…all photos are done with ISO 1600, btw. OMG  i love canon <3.

we are excited about trying everything out and so looking forward to the next wedding season…we are going to have so much fun

oh and feel free to correct my english XD